I did. I did! I got my camera.Collapse )

Fin identified his first letter!
After looking at a pile of foam paint letters Fin presented us with a Q, singing "Q R S..."

Omg, glee!

I will show you my garden on Wednesday.
Beth is bringing my camera Tuesday night!
I rang them up, found all about it - and she is going there on her lunch break. Canon EO5, 550D. OMGZ. EXCITEMENT. Georgia over at Gregarious Peach has used an EO5 30D for most of her shots so I am all of the excited. THE WHOLE THING!

We spent last night at my mothers and I had a huge parenting fail at some point. I am so not even going there, suffice to say, shame.

I have made the resolution to be more positive. Just.. you know. when you get in those moods? and everything is like "mneeeeh" or something more articulate, and everything just comes out as bitching? I hate that, it's so fucking draining. SO DRAINING. Just deciding to be more positive has worked.

I made brownies tonight. Jas and I proceeded to eat almost half of them.
This is where I ask for all your sexy vegan blog links!
Sexy vegan blog links please?
Please save me making an embarrassment post in cooking.

Fin got all up in my new guitar tonight. I tried to play with him to distract him when Jas started tuning it and it kind of worked. But he is a hardboiled little bunny and he had to bug him till he gave up (as I had first suggested, puff) and let him play. Then it went away! I want it to stay there till we have bought Fin his own.
Here is where I post a photo of him strumming.


a picture post, random from this month
camera shopping tomorrow! I am so buzzed at not having to rely on the iPhone.

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hope you don't mind the picture spammage.

so here are the blooms today in my garden... one breed only.
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I'm out of hospital, released into mum's care. at the moment I'm supposed to be going a few weeks there, visiting the kids during the day and then move in. and I'm thankful. I get fucking overloaded. Just a short post. if ma's internet works I'll do another update. but hello, goodbye.

We are women, give us greens!
Waking up aroung 6am-7am, earlier some days, I am crashing by ten, eleven. Consuming probably at most 300 calories, mostly sugar but occasionally a grain or bite of protein.. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY GREEN JUICE. D: we have not had these in a LONG time, maybe this week will be the one. I am going to buy some lavender for the sunny jasmine area, I think. can I make tea with these jasmine flowers?

Yo Gabba Gabba, right now, I gotta find a torrent. Please, no more Diego Go. Although Fin singing is amazing cute, ungh.

delicious-ify my screen for me!
I don't even use that much cocoa though aey. I can't afford that. that's more than the whole box!
  • 225g butter, unsalted
  • 190g golden caster sugar
  • 150g dark brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 140g cocoa powder
  • 180g all-purpose flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 150g white chocolate, chopped

make my recipe easily accessible to me, here in my journal. but so good I had to share it (if you go for those milky products, which I do, since I can do them much cheaper). fifth batch lucky! three. big, fails.

Feathers, happily
So I want to ask of my momas, what do you desire at this point in the cycle? (sorry, naking w/ crap keys) I've just finished a thorough clean & am ready to move. New home! The vege patch is exciting me. But we did't buy storage! What will turn out. I am really coming into ordering the house so that energy isn't clogging up in all the clutter. Feng shui makes more and more logic to me as time goes on. I mean - imagine when you're in a supportive chair in a prime position with a harmonising view. That simple strong, gentle feeling? That's gathering chi. So don't tell me moving your couch won't change your life. *snap* No, but seriously, positioning to kind of.. catch that feeling. Is fulfilling
Australia has a female prime minister, the deputy to the outsted one who wanted to tax the mining giants. Haha. They can't stop saying how they hope she isn't attacked for 'personal' reasons. Hasn't been one word of why they chose her or why Rudd is out. Do people wonder at all? Why not??

Couch arrives tomorrow. Photo post soon, I've been preparing.

A dream.
I wonder sometimes about humanity's constant archetypes, our shifting ones, but do they really shift? I wish I could learn shamanism. Remind me to Google Carl Jung.

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It was at this time that the stereotype of the bomb-throwing anarchist was born, fueled by events such as the Haymarket Affair (Bose 1967:253,392). However this stereotype does injustice to the idealistic motives of anarchists as explicated by its numerous philosophical proponents. The chaos they are so frequently accused of desiring is arguably the antithesis of their true motives: the widespread (socially accepted and internalized) disorder of war, oppression, greed, hunger, depression that stalks hierarchical societies is the object of anarchists’ assault. As Howard Zinn (1997:644) explains,
It is these conditions that anarchists have wanted to end: to bring a kind of order to the world for the first time. We have never listened to them carefully, except through the hearing aids supplied by the guardians of disorder—the national government leaders, whether capitalist or socialist.
The ultimate aim of anarchists is hardly different than that of other idealists throughout history. But anarchists’ optimism—their faith in the ability of human beings to voluntarily cooperate with each other—sets them clearly apart from all the others, who unfailingly require some authoritarian class for the maintenance of “order.”

Anarchic studies upset my Zen existence. At least it is absolute negative.
Empty forms.


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